Grandma Kelsey’s Farm, LLC

Who is Grandma Kelsey?  Grandma is the senior member of the Nubian goat herd. Even though she no longer has babies herself, she adopts, mentoring the babies, teaching them how to be a goat when their mothers start milking.

Grandma Kelsey’s Farm is a 35 acre farm, 20 miles east of Parker and 19 miles north east of Elizabeth, on the open prairies.  Our goat herd consists of milking Nubian does, retired does, a few companion wethers, and of course Grandma Kelsey; the matron doe of the herd.  The herd is Brucellosis free and TB tested. We follow all milk testing to ensure the milk is of the highest quality.  The farm also has a separate goat herd of 8 Cashmere goats. 

The farm is also offering Goat Milk Soap & Lotion and Free Range Chicken Eggs.  

Other services the farm offers:

-         Tractor Services

-         Animal Shelters